HEAVY Rose Quartz Dragon Head- Collectors Item

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This is a listing for the big crystal collectors! This giant rose quartz dragon head carving makes a beautiful statement piece to any collectors space. This rare and unique piece will bring fourth the properties that rose quartz has to offer through your intentions. 

For instance, are you looking to manifest love into your life? Rose quartz is known as one of the number one go-to’s for a beginner crystal, but is always popular among long time crystal lovers too! This crystal introduces love to you in many ways. It opens your heart and brings an immense feeling of self-love, along with attracting genuine love and relationships towards you. In current relationships, it helps to restore balance and heal trust. Negative energy is eliminated with rose quartz, and replaced with a world of unconditional love. If dealing with heartbreak, rose quartz is able to soothe the pain and provide you with comfort. Overall, this crystal is known for its bringing of unconditional love and increasing self-worth.

8 lb & 12.4 oz, Approx 9 in long, 5.5 in tall

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