Crystal Meanings

Each crystal has its own set of unique healing properties! Here is a list of some crystals and what they can do to benefit you. 


The agate crystal is one that can be extremely useful to anybody who is spiritual, or who is just starting out in their spiritual journey. It will bring lots of growth to your soul by opening up your mind to allow you to have deeper self-reflection regarding your lifetime and the lessons you have and or are currently facing. Your ability to analyze situations and to problem-solve will skyrocket, along with your emotional stability that may have wavered due to past traumas and pain. It is a grounding crystal that brings great strength and calmness to the mind; bringing acceptance to one’s self and building the self love and confidence one deserves.


Amazonite is a calming crystal that relieves any negative emotions you may be feeling. Whatever you need to release, will release when having this crystal around. It helps manifest love into your life and also opens up your mind; allowing you to see multiple perspectives of a situation. Your heart and throat chakras will become more balanced, and your intuition will become far stronger. 


Amethyst, known for its calming abilities, is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It brings tranquility to the mind and helps you to feel generally more focused and in control during times of stress. This crystal is great for getting rid of anxiety and overwhelming thoughts, anger, sadness, fear, and can even be used to overcome addiction of any kind. Amethyst promotes love, immense healing, motivation, and is also beneficial in helping you to make decisions; giving you spiritual insight. 

Aura Quartz

You are likely to be instantly drawn to this crystal due to its beautiful rainbow colors, and rainbows are a symbol of happiness, positivity, and peace; all of which this crystal has to offer. It helps to dispel negative energy, restore balance to your chakras, become more focused, motivated, and to channel your creative abilities. If you are looking to attract wealth into your life, this crystal may be of assistance. By increasing your creative abilities and motivation, you will now experience inspiration and feel determined to succeed. Overall, rainbow aura quartz is a crystal to raise your vibrations. 

Azurite Malachite

Azurite Malachite involves the properties of both stones and brings forth additional healing as well. Azurite is known to increase your creative abilities and to bring you feelings of genuine love and happiness. Your intuition will be enhanced, and blockages will be removed. Malachite is known as a stone of transformation that will help ease you through instances of change. You will have a sense of deep emotional healing, and will feel more empowered. This combination of stones will allow you to feel more hopeful and more free in life- having a whole new positive outlook on things. You overall will feel calm, joyous, centered, and healed.

Black Tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline is known to be one of the most protective crystals. It banishes negative energy from the environment, and protects against ill-wishing of any kind. It helps to get rid of negative thoughts and to replace them with positive ones, regardless of the circumstances. Having this crystal is like having a protective shield around your body. It banishes a victim mindset and attracts lots of compassion, calmness, and inspiration.


Calcite brings to you a very uplifting energy. This crystal is capable of cleansing any negative energy from the environment and bringing more positivity into it. It helps to combat laziness, calm the mind, increase memory, retain information, focus on studies, and to convert ideas into action. Calcite is helpful in speeding up your soul's development; linking you to higher consciousness and bringing you more awareness and psychic abilities. 

Caribbean Calcite

This specific type of calcite is helpful in speeding up your soul's development; linking you to higher consciousness and bringing you more awareness and psychic abilities. It is able to assist in lucid dreaming and astral projection, as well as keeping you connected to your spirit guides and bringing much needed communication and guidance. Calcite in general brings to you a very uplifting energy. This crystal is capable of cleansing any negative energy from the environment and bringing more positivity into it. 


Carnelian is a crystal that can be used for several different matters. If you are looking to start a business or want to improve your work performance, carnelian can help you become more motivated for success and give you the courage and creativity to go for what you want. This crystal can help overcome obstacles and abuse. It will bring over you a wave of calmness and love for life; getting rid of any feelings of envy, anger, and resentment. 


Celestite is a crystal that is known to ground your soul and to help you attain a high level of peace and calm. If you find yourself stressed regarding certain situations in your life, celestite will put an end to those negative feelings and will clear your mind of any frustration. It works with the throat, third eye, and crown chakras- helping to increase your spiritual development.


Citrine has a large variety of different healing properties; all in relation to increasing an abundance of positivity and luck into your life. This crystal carries the power of the sun and is beneficial to every individual who possesses it. It absorbs and dispels negative energy, creating a peaceful and happy environment around you. There is no room for negativity around citrine! This crystal promotes going with the flow of things and to be more optimistic, creative, motivated, concentrated, and calm. It helps to raise your self-confidence, and is also used to manifest all good things in life such as financial wealth and success. In helping to combat laziness and increase your creative abilities, it is helpful in getting projects and any other work done in a timely and efficient manner. If you find yourself needing to overcome any feelings of depression, anxiety, and pain, citrine is the crystal you are looking for. Citrine overall promotes joy, and a love of life.

Clear Quartz

The quartz crystal is known to be the most powerful energy amplifier and healing crystal of them all. It works with the vibrations and energy of the person using it, bringing your energy to the purest and most perfect form. It is known to be a deep soul cleanser, and assists you in understanding your spiritual purpose. Clear quartz overall helps to regulate, release, and absorb energy. 

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate (AKA Mexican Agate) is known to ward off the evil eye. It is a very protective stone that will keep you safe from any ill wishing, and instead bring peace and happiness into your life. Along with these protective properties, crazy lace agate will increase your energy and motivation to get tasks done instead of prolonging them. Those difficult times will become easier to handle and you will have more of a “go with the flow” mindset. If you find yourself stuck in unhealthy attachments, this stone will help release those attachments so that you can manifest what you truly deserve into your life. 

Dragons Blood

Dragon’s Blood is known to attract a load of abundance into your life. If you are someone who owns a business or has any position of leadership, this stone is good for encouragement and motivation to get things done as efficiently as possible. You will find yourself becoming more persuasive to others, thus increasing abundance within your work-life. Not only will you appear more persuasive, but your overall self image will develop into something greater and far more attractive. You will find that going with the flow of things is easier than you originally thought, and will overall have less fear and worry about the way things are going in your life. Dragon’s blood gives more faith to your universe.

Fire Quartz

Fire Quartz, also known as Hematoid Quartz, turns negative energy into positive energy and light. You will find more balance of the mind, feelings of calmness, an increase in self confidence, and better focus and concentration. 

Flower Agate

A beautiful agate crystal with floral patterns, flower agate helps to free you from any pain you may be experiencing emotionally and assists in figuring out how to go about your healing process. The flower pattern on this crystal can help to remind you that just as flowers do, we too grow and are capable of blooming into the best version of ourselves. We are able to learn how to appreciate this process, and live life to the fullest, all while manifesting our dreams. 


Fluorite is an excellent crystal used to aid in learning and getting work done. It is great in combating laziness and increasing your mental concentration, organization, processing of information, and analytic abilities. It helps to quickly absorb and withhold new information, and is the perfect crystal to have by your side while studying or working on getting assignments done. As a matter of fact, the person working on writing these crystal descriptions currently has a fluorite by her side; and it is working extremely well. Fluorite is also useful in helping to understand balance in relationships, increasing self-confidence, and to heighten your intuition. 


Need to balance your chakras? Garnet is naturally a fantastic energizer and cleanser. Known as a protective stone, garnet enhances your intuition and helps you to sense when danger is near and is generally good to have in case of a crisis. With this crystal, you will find yourself having more hope in situations, and the courage to push through things that may get in your way. Garnet helps to release things that no longer serve you, and increases your self confidence along with love for yourself and others.

Golden Rutilated Quartz

This powerful crystal allows divine light to flow into your body. It spreads throughout the body in order to rid of any blockages you may have. This crystal is at the highest vibration and will take you with it! You will find yourself connected to your angels and will find yourself to be feeling far more motivated and powerful than ever before. If you are looking to manifest your desires into reality and are looking for the perfect way to feel as if you can visualize that success without any doubts- this is the crystal for you.


Goldstone, a very sparkly and eye-catching stone, is man-made and nevertheless still powerful and just as beneficial to your soul as any crystal! For example, if you are looking for luck and success within a job search, starting your own business, or enhancing your abilities within your current work environment- this stone can give that to you. In general, goldstone brings ambition and courage to one’s soul and will increase your motivation to get things done. If you are looking to feel uplifted and more positive in life, goldstone is the perfect stone to have by your side. 

Green Aventurine 

Green aventurine brings abundance into your life in the forms of love and creativity. This crystal is known to be the healer of the heart, protecting the heart and getting rid of negative thoughts and emotions. It also helps to increase leadership abilities and to become more aware, decisive, and able to better analyze situations. 


Hematite brings out your inner strength; increasing your self-esteem, willpower, confidence, and ability to speak out and communicate whatever is on your mind. There are no limitations with hematite around. It is also great for overcoming addiction of any kind, helps to view any mistakes you have made as lessons you need to experience in life, and aids in sharpening your memory and concentration skills.


The herkimer diamond crystal is a good one to wear during uncomfortable situations, as it will help ease your mind and get you through those instances. If you are looking to increase your ability to communicate with your spirit guides and to raise your psychic abilities, this is the crystal for you. You will find that wearing this ring will be able to help you through tough situations!


Howlite is a crystal that is beneficial towards the growth of one’s soul; as most crystals are. If you are looking for insight into your past lives and some more wisdom regarding your development and what you need during your journey, carrying or having howlite around you will be beneficial. A calming stone, howlite is often used to calm an overactive mind and eliminate feelings of anger and rage; bringing more patience and peace into your everyday life. It is also used as a way to help with insomnia by placing it under your pillow at night. Sometimes with an overactive mind comes feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness- which howlite gets rid of; replacing it with more feelings of self love and confidence.  


Hypersthene is a stone that will calm an overactive and overthinking mind with ease. With this quiet mind, you will be able to ground yourself and be able to better figure out solutions to problems you may come across. Hypersthene is known to be a crystal to use during meditation and to open your third eye chakra. The wearer will find an overall increase in self esteem and success.


Kyanite is a crystal used during meditation and to keep you connected with your spirit guides. It is a great crystal for those involved in spirituality or looking to start learning about it. Kyanite encourages better communication and does not let the immaturity or negative energies of others get in the way of their growth. There is no room for negativity around kyanite and the owner of this crystal will learn many new things about themselves and their journey here on earth.


Labradorite appears to be dark; until it catches the light and showcases blue or gold flashes. Just like its appearance, this crystal helps to assist in realizing that although you may go through some dark and rough times in life, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. It motivates you to trust in the universe and to have faith, calming an overthinking and overactive mind. Known as a stone of transformation, labradorite gets rid of fears and disappointments from the past; helping you to realize your spiritual purpose. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a very spiritual crystal that is able to open up your third eye and bring lots of spiritual insight. You will feel a lot of peace and serenity with this crystal around when you set your intentions, and any negative energy that someone may be sending you will be returned right to that sender- keeping YOU out of harm's way. You will become more spiritually aware and any repressed feelings of anger or negativity will vanish. If you are somebody looking to dive deeper into your spirituality, lapis lazuli is one of the best crystals to assist you in your journey. It can also help to strengthen your relationships in life.


Larimar is a crystal of love. You will feel loads of joy, love, compassion, and healing with this crystal around! It is very empowering and helps guide your soul to its purpose and the growth it needs to experience. It is helpful in removing fear and healing emotional stress. If you are looking to feel more calm and to bring more healing to your heart, larimar is the one for you.


This magical crystal helps one to see people’s true intentions and to repel all negative energy. Larvikite teaches you how to adapt to changes instead of letting them hold you back, and encourages you to be the best you can be. Rather than relying solely on emotions to make decisions, this crystal teaches you how to better logically analyze situations and make decisions from the head as well as the heart. 

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany is here to give you the strength you need during times of stress and difficulty. It helps to strengthen your aura and to eliminate any blockages you may have; resulting in needed growth. 


Malachite is known as a stone of transformation that will help ease you through instances of change. You will have a sense of deep emotional healing, and will feel more empowered. 


Moonstone, like its name, is a stone that is well connected to the moon and is known to bring new beginnings into our lives. It is helpful in calming the mind and easing stress, bringing about deep healing. You will be reminded about your spirituality and will find that your intuition and feelings of empathy will increase. Moonstone is also known to aid in lucid dreaming.

Moss Agate 

Moss agate is strongly connected to nature and the environment. It allows you to open your eyes to the beauty in yourself, and the earth around you. It is also a fantastic manifestor of wealth. This crystal increases your abilities to communicate, to get along with others, and to keep trying regardless of the amount of failed attempts. This is a great reliever to depression and aids in improving your self esteem, learning to trust and be more optimistic, and eliminating any forms of stress.


Obsidian absorbs negative energy from the aura and aids in the healing of the heart. It helps to support during times of healing and growth, digging deep into the soul in order to get to the root of what needs to be fixed and how to go about it. It is a protective stone that exposes negative energy wherever it may be, and works in keeping that energy away from you. An intense crystal used for healing, obsidian aids in completely exposing the inner shadow work that needs to be done and helps to permanently resolve problems.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper is a rare version of the jasper crystal. It is beneficial in helping you to achieve pure joy in life, happiness, and to get rid of any negative emotional weight you may be carrying. This is an important crystal that can be used for general healing, and to help balance the relationships you have with others as well as your own self. Your self love will increase and you will finally have all the inner strength you need to get through any rough situations that life may throw or have thrown at you. 


Opalite is a man-made synthetic glass with its own beneficial and lovely healing properties. It is helpful in aligning the chakras by removing blockages, and can also enhance your ability to communicate more efficiently which means it can bring you more success in any business and creative matters. If you are going through a transition of any kind, opalite will be there to assist you. On top of these properties, it can also help lessen your fatigue and rid you of mood swings. 

Picasso Stone

Picasso Stone is a form of marble that is great to use during meditation; for it brings lots of concentration and spiritual insight. You will have more organized thoughts and will be able to see things from a more clear perspective. There will also be an increase in intuition and your communicative skill with this stone around.

Pink Amethyst

Amethyst, known for its calming abilities, is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It brings tranquility to the mind and helps you to feel generally more focused and in control during times of stress. This crystal is great for getting rid of anxiety and overwhelming thoughts, anger, sadness, fear, and can even be used to overcome addiction of any kind. Amethyst promotes love, immense healing, motivation, and is also beneficial in helping you to make decisions; giving you spiritual insight. Pink amethyst brings in additional properties that work well with the heart chakra, teaching you how to act more with love and kindness and become more open minded. With pink amethyst, you are protected from any negative energy that may be around.

Red Jasper

Jasper crystals are nurturing and bring tranquility into life during times of stress. With jasper, you will always be protected and feel encouraged to get things done and to be more motivated- helping to transform any ideas you have into reality. If you are looking for more emotional stability, this crystal is the one for you.


Rhodonite is a crystal of pure love that resonates with the heart chakra. If you find yourself lacking the self-love and self-esteem you need, this crystal is for you! It aids in balancing your emotions and healing trauma you may have experienced from abuse or self-destructive situations. Your emotional wounds will turn into that of self-love in which you may have lacked; and you will learn how to heal from abandonment and general pain. Rhodonite can also help you to remain calm, and to build up your confidence.

Rose Quartz 

Looking to manifest love into your life? Rose quartz is known as one of the number one go-to’s for a beginner crystal, but is always popular among long time crystal lovers too! This crystal introduces love to you in many ways. It opens your heart and brings an immense feeling of self-love, along with attracting genuine love and relationships towards you. In current relationships, it helps to restore balance and heal trust. Negative energy is eliminated with rose quartz, and replaced with a world of unconditional love. If dealing with heartbreak, rose quartz is able to soothe the pain and provide you with comfort. Overall, this crystal is known for its bringing of unconditional love and increasing self-worth.


Selenite has a pure vibration and is great for meditation and to cleanse other crystals. It is one of the most powerful protective crystals and brings nothing but peace to its user. It digs deep into past lives and aids in how to resolve situations and learn lessons to develop your soul's growth. Selenite brings understanding and helps you to see the bigger picture in life.


Septarian is a stone that has all of the qualities of calcite, aragonite, and chalcedony. Septarian is able to shine more light onto your spirituality and will provide assistance in manifesting your desires. You will learn to have more patience in situations, and your creative abilities will skyrocket. Communication skills will also be on the rise, and your public speaking will improve with the help of your septarian. This stone is very useful for healers, as meditation with septarian will bring forth more insight into ones dis-ease. 

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is known to be one of the most protective stones, helping to transform negative energy into positive and to relieve depression, fear, and any negative emotion you may have. This is a great crystal to keep by your side during difficult times and stress; bringing a wave of calmness that may be well needed. It promotes positive thoughts, concentration, and aids in manifesting your dreams. 


Sodalite is an excellent crystal in helping to increase mental abilities by improving your intuition, assisting in working with others as a team player, helping to receive and process new information with ease, and allowing you to become more accepting of different ways of thinking. This crystal can also help to calm a panic attack and enhance self-esteem and self-acceptance. There is no room judgement around sodalite. 


If you are looking for a crystal with the power to bring lots of light and peace into your life, sphalerite is the one for you. It is a very uplifting stone that helps to ground your energy and motivate you to have more faith in yourself and your abilities. Having sphalerite around will keep you focused and driven to get things done; things that will push you to become the best version of yourself. Self-growth and an increase in self confidence is inevitable.

Spiderweb Jasper

This stone looks exactly how it sounds! A great guide and healer, spiderweb jasper is capable of calming the mind and raising your vibration. It’s a rejuvenating and protective stone that will ward off any negative energy sent your way. With spiderweb jasper around, you will feel more tranquility and the motivation to be more aware of how you interact with others and how you can better go about communicating. If you have been seeking a way to feel more grateful about life and the things you have, spiderweb jasper can help bring those feelings out for you.

Strawberry Quartz

Strawberry quartz is a crystal that helps you live in the present moment rather than focusing so much on the past and the future. You will find more joy, humor, and love around you and bring forth the most loving environment. You will have more positive views in life and less anxiety. Strawberry quartz brings you the self love you need. You will no longer feel that you need other people to make you happy; for that happiness will be found within yourself. It can also help to heal any relationships you are in that are going through that need healing.   


Sunstone is pretty explanatory in itself! This crystal has a strong connection to sunlight and brings a lot of light into one’s life in general. It brings nothing but positive vibes, joy and happiness, and allows your true self to shine through. Sunstone is able to banish any draining energy that surrounds you, and is a great crystal for people who have a tough time saying “no” to others. Sunstone promotes independence, self-love, empowerment, and eliminates depression. If you want good luck and good fortune by your side, this is the crystal for you.

Tigers eye 

A shiny and flashy crystal, the tiger's eye is a high vibrational crystal used to protect one from negative energy and against others who may be wishing bad luck towards them. It is helpful in increasing analytical abilities to help see a person's true intent. Tiger’s eye is also used to heal problems regarding self-worth and self-love, criticism, and depression. This crystal is good for those who look to accomplish certain goals when feeling uncommitted and unmotivated.

We also have a resource link incase you are a crystal beginner and want to know more information about how to cleanse and start working with your crystals! Written by the writer and owner of Revive Me Shop, Kaitlyn has put together this article that tells you everything you need to know!