About Us

Hello Souls Crystals is a crystal shop that sells spooky healing crystals (and more!). My name is Jade Victoria and I am one of the shop owners who was able to start working on this small business dream of mine with the help of my parents who are my #1 supporters and co-owners of Hello Souls Crystals! We are a family-owned shop (my sister works with us too!).
A while back when I first started learning about my spirituality, I came across crystals and their healing properties. At first, I paid no attention to those properties. I only paid attention to how pretty they were, and that was and still is a good enough reason to want to buy crystals! However, eventually finding out that crystals are full of energy and that each different crystal has their own specific properties that can help people through different situations in life was pretty cool- so I tested it out myself and set intentions with my crystals only to fall in love with them. I wanted everyone to have the opportunity to work with them. I graduated college and felt no passion at the idea of doing anything else for work. This was the one idea that made me happy. I do not believe that in order to be spiritual, you NEED to work with crystals, but I do believe that they are a helpful tool very beneficial to the soul. This crystal shop has high quality crystals that are consciously sourced. Whether you believe in crystals having healing properties or just think they are pretty to display and fun to collect- this shop is for you. 
They always say to follow your passion- and this is ours. So my papa, mommy, sister and I want to say thank you to everybody who chooses to shop with us, and know that without you our dream cannot be possible. We look forward to hopefully bringing some more light into your life with our crystals and other shop items. 
Be sure to follow our instagram page where we will be having weekly live sales with way more crystal options!